Schedule video calls with students. Share files, record the call transcript, take attendance , share assignments and lesson plans

All the features you need to collaborate online classrooms.

HD Video and Audio

Exceptional clarity and quality for virtual classes.

Record Live Sessions

Record your online classes and lessons to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Digital White onboarding

Use Digital whiteboards to enhance visual aids. One-click content sharing, real-time commication, and quizs .

Share Lessons & Submissions

Define your lessons for your classroom. Add photos, videos,documents and create a plan. .


Students can ask you questions through a private chat, submit their work to you for feedback. f

Security and compliance

Illumine enables security compliance and provides 256-bit encryption. .

How Does teacher create lessons for parents?

We have built a host of new features to support the classroom superheroes implement remote learning & virtual classes more effectively.

remote learning and virtual classes
  1. 1
    Step 1 - Create Lesson Plans

    Define your lessons for your classroom. Add photos, videos,documents and create a plan.

  2. 2
    Step 2 - Create and share assignments with parents

    Assign learning experiences and assessments to students individually or in groups

  3. 3
    Step 3- Resolve doubts

    Solve doubts using class discussion and one on one discussions with students. They can ask you questions through a private chat, submit their work to you for feedback, and also self-evaluate their work using the assessment tools designed by you.

  4. 4
    Step 4- Assignment Submissions

    Students can send their submissions as text, attach files, photos and videos. Teachers get a notification when the student creates submission.

  5. 5
    Step 5- Giving personalised feedback to students

    Give feedback to students on their work through comments and a wide range of media - photos, video, audio notes and more

    Get lesson planner

Student engagement and learning


Enrich teaching and learning

Expand traditional classrooms with video communications to meet the needs of today’s students.

Maximize school resources

Utilize resources and hardware you already have to expand your capabilities and educational offerings.

HD Video and Audio

Increase student participation and learning retention with virtual classrooms .

Enhanced collaboration features

One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation, and digital whiteboarding..

Get online classroom software

Virtual class & online classrooms video

Virtual and hybrid classes

Enhance and expand virtual online classes with powerful online classes tool

Video breakout rooms



Collaborative Whiteboard

Share lessons and conduct quizzes

Group chat

Record and host videos on secured cloud server

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virtual class chat

Why choose Illumine online classroom software?


Unparalleled usability

Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device for your online classes.


Join anywhere, on any device

Illumine Meetings syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined online class and conferencing from desktop and mobile..


Recording and transcripts

Record your meetings locally or to the cloud, with searchable transcripts and let students learn at theiir own pace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

What is Illumine's Virtual Classroom??

A virtual classroom your teachers to engage and interact with students. Due to social distancing norms due to COVID we can overcome most of the barriers by using virtual online classes.

  • Video conferencing ability (so teachers and students can see each other)
  • Audio conferencing(so participants can hear each other)
  • Real-time text chat so students can ask doubts. A transcript of these are sent later to the teachers
  • Interactive online whiteboard to aid in visualisation.
  • Library of learning materials (essential for providing more structured lessons)
  • Teacher tools and controls (just like in a physical classroom)
  • .

How safe is this Virtual classroom on Illumine?

Only parents and students who receive an invitation from you can join. There is no way any other person can join the meeting.Parents can not see any details of the meeting and can not share the invite with anyone else.Illumine records all the information about who has logged in on the call and only allows them if they are invited by the school.No one  external can join this call unless the school's administrator allow them

How different is a virtual classroom to a web-conference??

An online classroom like zoom and skype tends to have the important features of a video-conferencing tool but with additional features important for teachers a virtual classroom is more than a video conferencing tool. The following features that transform the teaching and learning experience in a virtual classroom:

  • Interactive online whiteboard
  • Library of learning materials
  • Teacher tools and controls
  • Ability to share lessons and accept submissions
  • Manage and create quizzes
  • Creating report card for students and securing everything in cloud

How is interactive digital whiteboards?

What makes a room a classroom? What is common to all classrooms in the world?
The whiteboard.

The online whiteboard is just as important, if not more important, to the online classroom. Why? A web whiteboard is important because it provides a shared focus point and enables teachers and students to collaborate on learning projects. Teachers can structure their lessons by embedding learning materials (pdf, video, audio files) directly into the whiteboard.

A whiteboard helps teachers and students get "on the same page". Rather than annotating (like writing on an interactive overlay), students can write/type/draw on the actual page and typically save for future review.

Embedding saved materials into the whiteboard enriches the learning experience, encourages student participation, makes it more efficient for teachers to switch between related concepts, engages more of the learner's senses and is just more fun. These are all important aspects of a "student-centered" learning approach, proven to be more effective than the old-school "instructor-led' pedagogy.

In contrast, most web-conferencing software, encourages "screen-sharing" or the condition commonly referred to as "death by PowerPoint". If students wanted a lecture, they would watch the video at their convenience. Educators need to facilitate and inspire learning which requires a more sophisticated view of online education

virtual class whiteboard
What are teacher tools available in Illumine Virtual Class?

Teacher tools and controls When a teacher is in a physical classroom they can use physical location, proximity and non-verbal body language to control the class. What about in an online classroom though?

A good online classroom typically includes a number of important controls for the teacher: Teacher tools - Text tool, draw tool, eraser, shapes, pen colour, zoom Specialist teacher tools - Maths tools, instant dictionary, instant verb conjugation tables Save or record the class or save learning materials for the student to later review Group class tools - Raise hand tool, breakout rooms for larger groups Control of the student webcam- Helpful if the student has a poor connection and needs to reduce internet bandwidth requirements Control of the student mic - Yes, that means you can finally "mute" your student when required.

Do I need to download multiple software?

Users just need to download illumine software and nothing else. Illumine also offers host of other features useful for your school like announcements, collecting and sharing lesson plans, solving doubts of the students, sharing photos , videos and so on

Can I try it for free?

We will be happy to give you a demo and free trial

How much does it cost?

We offer extremely low priced solutions. Check our pricing page for details

Illumine online classroom software is used by more than 300 schools globally spanning Australia, South Africa, USA and India

The Most Loved virtual classroom to engage your kids for COVID communication for schools

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Why Preschool Directors,Owners, Teachers and Parents consider us as one of the best child care management softwares?

Parents love that staff can email, send a text, send updates. It brings a level of professionalism for our preschool and helped save us lot of money.If you’re looking for a childcare management system, look no further than Illumine so simple and easy to use. I get to know everything happening in my six centers in kolkata through Illumine. I absolutely love their admin dashboards and the reports I get from it. The concern management portal of this child care management software let's us tracks parent concerns and smoothens the process.

Bubble Blue
Nabanita Basu
Principal Bubbleblue,Kolkata

I have been using Illumine for last two years and would highly recommend it to all pre-schools. All the parents are thrilled about this app . It really makes our life as facilitators more easy. Earlier we used to use Whatsapp and managing communication was a nightmare. We are more than happy that we switched to Illumine's preschool management software. Previously my teacher used to sit long hours on friday and write diaries. Now using their child care management system we can send updates to our parents in under half an hour

Primary Colors
Mr Vittal Bhandari
Owner,Elly Childcare,Bangalore

We were in lookout for a better app than what we were using previously. We really like the super quick response time and the regular upgrade. The icons in the app is customized to the the needs of our school. And communicating with parents is super easy. Whether it is live streaming or bus tracking , I am able to setup and get things up and running within couple of days. Their support system is one of a kind with most of our issues getting resolved in under 24 hours.

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Tirth Raj Bhutoria
Founder,Glo Preschool

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