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The daycare software solution your school needs

Managing your everyday Daycare Operations, Parent-Teacher Communication and Billing is just a tap away now. Illumine app let you run your Preschool/Daycare school programs hassle free so that you get ample time to do what you are best at

Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Parent-Teacher Communication

A parent engagement had never been so easy earlier. With illumine, you can send any message or notification to them via app, text or Email instead of writing on paper. Thereby, saving time.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Digital Attendance

Make the students’ check-in and check-out time easy by recording and storing the attendance quickly. You can also refer to the same later, to generate invoice based on the same.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Fee Payment

It’s easier for parents now, to track and pay their child’s school expenses online. Timely reminders help parents to pay the fee on time and avoid unnecessary late fees..

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Payment and Invoicing

It’s time to say goodbye to the old manual billing system. Our daycare software helps you keep track of all the payments. Not only this you can also create flexible fee plans and generate custom invoices and generate a report on the same. Send these invoices to parents and receive the payment online for every template.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Daily Diaries

Maintain an online daily diary of student’s nap time, meal record, activities, events and learning. Share the same with parents with just a tap on the preschool software. This will save time and the environment by going paperless. This helps your teachers to focus on the child’s learning and saving time in writing daily diaries manually and error free..

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Staff Management

Take charge of your classroom without wasting time on time-consuming manual efforts. Use our daycare app to record observations, making reports and sharing everyday’s pictures and videos. It makes it possible for school owners to track staff and kids everyday activities without being present on the location.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Schedule, Events & Holidays

Inform parents about the upcoming scheduled events and holidays by using this app. All you need to do for this is to schedule the event, fill the details and share with parents with just a tap. Parents will get a notification and can also ask their related queries on the spot.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Curriculum Management

Plan your daycare/preschool activity which will be suitable for your children’s need and save teachers time by using our childcare app. Thereby, spending more time on interestingly implementing those lesson plans than on preparing them.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
School Bus Tracking

Our daycare app provides a different customized view to track the school bus/van for parents, school and driver. This ensures the safety of the kid in every way..

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Assessment Reports

Get rid of paperwork and opt for an error free online method to record a child’s activities and reports. Assess their learning development with our app and share these daily activity report with parents to keep them aware of their child’s development from time to time.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Live Streaming

We help you be transparent with parents by letting them know their kid’s activities in preschool through LIVE streaming. You can also set the camera access time for each parent or class. Thereby building trust in parents especially the ones who send their kids to your preschool for the first time.

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Manage Enquiries & Lead Generation
Enquiries & Leads

We help you convert more enquiries into admissions. Put enquiry details once in our app and leave the rest of the follow-up process on our app. Send automatic welcome emails to the enquiry, follow-ups and get reminders to follow up with them till you convert them as your customer.

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Manage your classroom

Illumine school parent's app provides all type of Preschool/Daycare management solutions. Streamline your day. Manage attendance, reduce paperwork, and capture learning milestones.

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Illumine for parents android , IOS app
Illumine for parents android , IOS app

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Illumine is the only preschool management software you’ll ever need for your school. Our powerful and trusted preschool software plus app will handle your administrative work and reduce paperwork headaches. Illumine is an easy-to-use early education platform that will change the way you run your school.

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Weekly finance reports

  • Keeps track of collection and invoices raised . Reports come straight to your inbox
  • These reports are a lifesaver when you have multiple centers and franchises.
  • The end to end automated system ensures that your finance are handled without any error
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    Parent-Teacher communication
    Parent-Teacher communication

    Parent communication reports

  • We send weekly communication reports to the administrator emails .
  • This ensures that your school centers run with your defined template.
  • Keeps parents happy and ensures accountability of all staffs
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    Tracking parent concerns & new admissions

  • Illumine lets parent report their concerns to admins through app
  • The platform ensures all parent concerns are quickly resolve and your school functions with the quality standard you desire.
  • Also keep track of the new admissions and enquiries
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    Parent-Teacher communication

    Packed with Features

    One Simple daycare management software For Your Daily Operations, Parent-Teacher Communication & Growing Your School Admissions (Enrolments).

    parent teacher communication app
    Parent-Teacher Communication App

    Communicate with parents using our daycare software in an efficient way, without print outs, diary-writing or sending Whatsapp messages.Send messages, photos, videos, notices or even PTA reports through our daycare management software with just a tap

    • Unlimited Photos
    • Videos Sharing
    • Free SMS/Email
    • Live Streaming/CCTV
    • Bus Tracking
    • Share Meal Plan
    • Online Fee Payment
    • Parent queries & concerns
    • Child Assessments
    Digital marketing solution for schools
    Digital Marketing Solution

    Being an exclusive Preschool and Daycare Business Growth Partners for your centre, we help you grow your business in many ways. Our Digital solutions provide an easy way to reach your potential customers and vice versa.

    • Website Design
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Live Chat Software
    • Blogging Services
    • Google Business Registration
    • Generate High Quality Leads
    • Build your brand
    • SEO Services

    Free yourself from repetitive tasks

    Spend more time with the children

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