Importance of child assessment plans

Used correctly, preschool assessment forms are part of a lifecycle that fuels your classroom. First, they provide valuable insight that keeps your staff focused on supporting early childhood learning.
Then, they provide a springboard for fine-tuning curriculum to address the strengths and areas of growth of your class. This helps you preempt potential problems with lesson plans, such as lessons being easier or harder than you initially expected.


Preschool developmental assessment

Provide quality childcare assessment & care through Illumines's Learning module

Track Milestones

Easily view developmental progress for all students.


Create weekly lesson plans and tailor curriculum to your school

Customize Chilcare Assessments

Customize your assessment standards to fit your needs .

Student Assessments

Share assessment portfolios with parents

Progress Tracking

Track student progress with observations

Build Lesson Repository

Manage all lessons and add labels and associated milestones.

Track Child's Milestones

No more recording your assessments on paper. Use our fully customizable templates for measuring each child's progress

Customize each of your domains and milestones.

Use your own progress labels to track development

Build Student Development Portfolios

Share the progress with parents

Save time and paper

Get setup!
Illumine for parents android , IOS app
Illumine for parents android , IOS app

Weekly Lesson Plans

Plan out your lessons for each room or age group. Share it with your teachers and across centers

Create and Share lesson plans.

Add unlimited additional lesson materials

Easily share your lesson plans with your teachers

Lesson plan can be shared across centers

Save time, paper & efforts

Get Demo!

Free yourself from repetitive tasks

Spend more time with the children

The Number One School App

Illumine is used by most premium schools.




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Why Preschool Directors/Owners, Teachers and Parents consider us as one of the best childcare apps?

Parents love that staff can email, send a text, send updates. It brings a level of professionalism for our preschool and helped save us lot of money.If you’re looking for a childcare management system, look no further than Illumine so simple and easy to use.

Bubble Blue
Nabanita Basu
Principal Bubbleblue,Kolkata

I have been using Illumine for last two years and would highly recommend it to all pre-schools. All the parents are thrilled about this app . It really makes our life as facilitators more easy. Earlier we used to use Whatsapp and managing communication was a nightmare.

Primary Colors
Priti Doshi
Owner,Primary Colors,Kolkata

We were in lookout for a better app than what we were using previously. We really like the super quick response time and the regular upgrade. The icons in the app is customized to the needs of our school. And communicating with parents is super easy. :)

Glo Preschool
Tirth Raj Bhutoria
Founder,Glo Preschool

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