General Questions

How is it better than whatsapp or facebook?

Whatsapp and facebook cannot be used for personalisation & safe communication specially when it involves little kids. It does not allow parents to raise concerns, pay fees, get assesment reports for their kids and so many things which Illumine provides Whatsapp and facebook bodes well when you are starting your school and have few students. We offer Illumine for free for such startups to let you feel the difference.

How frequently will the app be updated?

Our release cycle happens every one month. Post which we talk to all our client to take their feedback and work on new requirements. We believe that change is inevitable for progress and hence we continuously believe in spending our resources on developement and testing.

Does it work for web,iOS and android?

Our app works seamlessly on web,iOS and android. We have a detailed analytics dashboard for admins. .

Are there any setup charges?

We do not take any setup charges.

Does it let parents to pay fee online?

We have an integrated payment system in our app. School owners can raise invoices , accept payments and generate automated receipts with their branding on our app

Do you accept customisations?

We offer customisation and branding to all our clients

How do you provide the support to parents and teachers?

We provide whatsapp,call and email support to all our users. We share the numbers and details during onboarding. Our average resolution time since inception has beenn less than 12 hours

Do you guys provide training?

We have designed our app in a way that non tech users can use it seamlessly. Our oldest user in the app is 75 years old. However we provide training and support during onboarding. We have training videos available in the app too.

Any questions?

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