Illumine daycare app is used by more than 300 schools globally spanning Singapore, Australia, South Africa, USA and India

The Most Loved Preschool and Daycare Management App to manage everyday school operations and communicate with parents.

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A daycare app packed with Features

The best daycare app for your daily operations, parent-teacher communication & growing your school admissions (enrollments). Our daycare app is extremely user-friendly. The oldest teacher on our platform is 77 years old, and she loves how eco-friendly illumine has made her center.

parent teacher communication app

Parent-Teacher Communication App

Communicate with parents using our daycare app efficiently, without print outs, diary-writing or sending Whatsapp messages. Send messages, photos, videos, notice or even PTA reports through our daycare management software with just a tap.

  • Unlimited Photos
  • Videos Sharing
  • Free SMS/Email
  • Live Streaming/CCTV
  • Bus Tracking
  • Share Meal Plan
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Parent queries & concerns
  • Child Assessments
Illumine for parents android , IOS app

Daycare app

Our daycare app automates the process of your preschool & daycare management, fee collection/billing, attendance monitoring, inquiry management.

  • Admission management
  • Attendance management
  • Leads & inquiries management
  • Multicenter management
  • Online collection of fees
  • Automate invoices & receipts
  • Staff Leaves Management
  • Late check-in & checkout records
  • Child Assessments
Illumine for parents android , IOS app

Digital Marketing Solution

We offer our digital services to select preschools and daycares. We started this service to raise awareness among the small school owners about how they can leverage the digital power.

  • Website design
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Live chat software
  • Blogging services
  • Google registration
  • Get high quality leads
  • Build your brand
  • SEO Services

More powerful than any daycare app

Illumine is a tailor-made daycare app for your playschool and preschool center. Illumine covers all aspects of your school operations and works on any device

Parent,Teacher & Admin Interface

Android ,IOS and desktop application of the daycare app

Zero downtime and data privacy with GDPR compliance

Integrations with Salesforce, Quickbooks and major accounting softwares

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Why Preschool Directors/Owners, Teachers and Parents consider us as one of the best daycare app

Parent teacher Communication App

98% of parents says Illumine's daycare app adds to their overall satisfaction with their daycare and preschool provider. Parents love the fact that they never miss a moment with daily reports, real-time updates, photos and videos. It let parents communicate with childcare center and feel a whole new level of connection with their child's learning and development.

Share unlimited photos and videos

Works in real time and in low internet connections

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Parent teacher communication feature image
Daily activities for preschool

Teacher & admin app

Our daycare app lets you streamline your day,automate invoicing with online collection, manage attendance, reduce paperwork, and capture learning milestones. The daycare app makes the center management a breeze with automated reports and invoicing. It also improve your center's quality rrating through family engagement

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Salient technology features

Simple yet technologically advanced

We take regular feedback from our users and have an agile software updates cycle. We make sure that there is zero downtime in your childcare software. Some of the basic features which separates us out from the rest.

Unlimited photo & video upload in one shot

We allow you to upload hundreds of photos and videos in one shot. No freezing of apps, no waiting for photos to get uploaded. Not even facebook and instagram allows this kind of feature.

Weekly center reports

Our weekly reports for your childcare centers give you gist of the financial and parent communication status across your centers.


We offer host of integrations like Salesforce,quickbooks , any biometeric devices and so on.

Parent-Teacher communication

Parent communication reports

  • We send weekly communication reports to the adminstrator emails .
  • This ensures that your school centers run with your defined template.
  • Keeps parents happy and ensures accountability of all staffs
  • .

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    Weekly finance reports

  • Keeps track of collection and invoices raised .Reports comes straight to your inbox
  • These reports are a life saver when you have multiple centers and franchises.
  • The end to end automated system ensures that your finance are handled without any error
  • .

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    Parent-Teacher communication

    School Operations & Fee Management

    Manage your classrooms, document children's learning, collect fees, share daily updates with parents and grow your preschool enrollments all from one easy-to-use daycare app .

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    School Management & Fee Management

    Happy Customers

    Why Preschool Directors,Owners, Teachers and Parents consider us as one of the best daycare apps?

    Parents love that staff can email, send a text, send updates. It brings a level of professionalism for our preschool and helped save us lot of money.If you’re looking for a daycare app , look no further than Illumine so simple and easy to use. I get to know everything happening in my six centers in kolkata through Illumine. I absolutely love their admin dashboards and the reports I get from it. The concern management portal of this daycare app let's us tracks parent concerns and smoothens the process.

    Bubble Blue
    Nabanita Basu
    Principal Bubbleblue,Kolkata

    I have been using Illumine for last two years and would highly recommend it to all pre-schools. All the parents are thrilled about this daycare app . It really makes our life as facilitators more easy. Earlier we used to use Whatsapp and managing communication was a nightmare. We are more than happy that we switched to Illumine's daycare app . Previously my teacher used to sit long hours on friday and write diaries. Now using their daycare app we can send updates to our parents in under half an hour

    Primary Colors
    Mr Vittal Bhandari
    Owner,Elly Childcare,Bangalore

    We were in lookout for a better daycare app than what we were using previously. We really like the super quick response time and the regular upgrade. The icons in the app is customized to the the needs of our school. And communicating with parents is super easy. Whether it is live streaming or bus tracking , I am able to setup and get things up and running within couple of days. Their support system is one of a kind with most of our issues getting resolved in under 24 hours.

    Glo Preschool
    Tirth Raj Bhutoria
    Founder,Glo Preschool

    Free yourself from repetitive tasks

    Spend more time with the children

    The Number One daycare app

    Illumine daycare app is used by most premium schools .




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