Student attendance tracking software.

Online attendance system

We understand how busy a preschool/daycare environment is, during check-in and check-out hours! And managing the same is really a tough job. Out of all the major daily preschool operations, tracking attendance is of utmost importance for school and parents. Our online attendance system for students lets you track students’ attendance automatically and make their check-in and check-out time hassle-free for staff.

Digital Check-in

Digitally check in the student & staff attendance at any hour of the day.

Contactless Attendance

QR code based contactless attendance system.

Manage late check-in & check-out

Record late check-in & check-out. Optionally bill the parents for extra time spent in the school


Check-in, Check-out Form

Configure forms for parents to fill when they check-in and check-out their kids

Generate Invoice

Automate your billing system, based on attendance report and extra hours spent by the kid in the daycare

Go Paperless

Go paperless with illumine’s Online attendance management system for students and staff

Student attendance tracking software.

Benefits of using digital attendance

Parents can be assured of the Child's presence at the School, increased security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to the user.

Illumine for parents android , IOS app

Teacher & Admin digital attendance App

Illumine app provides attendance tracking software. Automate the attendance process by our Child care attendance tracking software and track children’s attendance more quickly and accurately.

  • Real-time synchronization of attendance status
  • Download Detailed Reports
  • Extremely easy to use with minimal clicks
  • Save one hour of your staff time everyday
  • 96% of parents are happy with our Student attendance tracking software as it notifies them of their child attendance by automating the check-in process.